the Overview Effect

Big Space, Little Space

Portions of the Augustine Commission's report to President Obama have now been made available, and it appears to me that they have gotten some of it right.

Water on the Moon: What Next?

NASA recently ran an experiment in which they crashed a spacecraft into a lunar crater to see if they might detect water there. As it turned out, they did...

Writing from Orbit

As I wrote in The Overview Effect, it would be good for as many people as possible to experience the Effect.

The Overview Effect and Cognitive Dissonance

At the most recent ISDC conference, I made a "virtual presentation" on the Overview Effect and Cognitive Dissonance.

Earth Day and the Overview Effect

While I enjoy Earth Day and the outpouring of love and caring for our beautiful planet, I always find myself a bit sad this day as well.

Living in Space

If you ask most "space enthusiasts" whether they would like to live in space, they will say, "Yes!"

The Overview Effect for Everyone

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic is scheduled today to unveil the spacecraft that will carry thousands of people into orbit, starting in a few years.

Moon or Mars? Why Not Both?

It has seemed to me that the media has decided that the best way to entertain viewers is to have a debate called "Moon vs. Mars."

The Human Space Program

In The Overview Effect, I proposed a "Human Space Program" that would be global in scope, and would transcend all national programs.

A New Paradigm for Space Exploration

President Obama has now made the most important decision of his presidency.

Why We Stopped at the Moon

Apollo 11 represented an incredible triumph of human ingenuity. Less than a decade after President Kennedy announced...

What Apollo Was About

I was watching the Apollo 11 celebration last night, and I saw something significant as I looked at the logo for the 40th anniversary of the landing.

The Augustine Commission

The Augustine Commission is about to make its report to President Obama on options for NASA in the future.

Uniting the Space Community

The current debate over President Obama's plan for space exploration does not appear to directly affect the work of the Overview Institute...

A Major Milestone

We have just passed a major milestone on the current shuttle flight: the 500th human being has now flown into space.

Apollo 11 Revisited

Last night, I watched some of NASA's coverage of the Apollo 11 mission, and of the missions that led up to it.


I've become a fan of NASA TV.

Climate Change, Global Warming, and the Overview Effect

If ever there was a situation that needed "overview thinking," it's the current debate over climate change and global warming.

We Need an "Earth Corps"

Like everyone else, I have been saddened by the impact of the recent earthquake on the people of Haiti.

A University on the Moon? Talk About Higher Education!

I recently had a long talk with Lynn Harper, who works for NASA and is one of the most original thinkers about space exploration that I know.

Space Contest and the Overview Effect

I just entered a contest to take a suborbital hop into space on a private spacecraft.

Seeing the Earth from the Moon: The Impact of the Overview Effect

Most space exploration advocates are disappointed that the United States did not pursue a more assertive space policy after Apollo 11.