40th anniversary of moon landing

Seeing the Earth from the Moon: The Impact of the Overview Effect

Most space exploration advocates are disappointed that the United States did not pursue a more assertive space policy after Apollo 11.

Moon or Mars? Why Not Both?

It has seemed to me that the media has decided that the best way to entertain viewers is to have a debate called "Moon vs. Mars."

What Apollo Was About

I was watching the Apollo 11 celebration last night, and I saw something significant as I looked at the logo for the 40th anniversary of the landing.

Apollo 11 Revisited

Last night, I watched some of NASA's coverage of the Apollo 11 mission, and of the missions that led up to it.

Apollo 11's 40th Anniversary

On July 20, we will celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

Why We Stopped at the Moon

Apollo 11 represented an incredible triumph of human ingenuity. Less than a decade after President Kennedy announced...