The Importance of Spacebuzz

June 15, 2019 at 3:49 am by Frank White

In the fall of 2017, I was privileged to deliver the keynote address at the first symposium on the Overview Effect. I met a number of very interesting people there, among them Hidde Hoogcarspel. At that time, Hidde had an idea for sharing the Overview Effect experience with children. He imagined a bus that would look like a rocket ship and would drive to the schools of the Netherlands.

My friend and colleague Duncan Mackennzie and I had dinner with Hidde and one of his most enthusiastic backers, Zoran van Gessel, in Amsterdam after the symposium.

Hidde described his vision for the "educational rocket ship bus" and Zoran explained why he was supporting it. Zoran is also passionately committed to the World Wildlife Fund and he told us that he believes the dissemination of the Overview Effect is essential to the success of organizations like his.

Now, about two years later, Hidde's brainchild, "SpaceBuzz," has the support of ESA astronaut Andre Kuipers, and the bus actually exists. They are getting a lot of good media coverage and are looking to expand the effort beyond the Netherlands, with other countries, including the United States, as future areas of expansion.

It is so important that we share the Overview Effect with children because they will be open to it and it will be a part of their thinking as they grow into adults who must take responsibility for this planet and, eventually, the solar system.

Congratulations, Hidde!

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