Sean McClinton's Review of The Cosma Hypothesis

April 26, 2019 at 8:48 am by Frank White

Sean and I have known each other for quite a while now and we talk frequently about the future of space tourism and space exploration in general. Here are his thoughts about The Cosma Hypothesis:

"At the Space Entrepreneurs in Seattle, WA, we are focused on the 'what' of space exploration---the 'what' being helping people advance their careers in space.  Frank White has done an amazingly thorough job of exploring the 'why' of space exploration in The Cosma Hypothesis.  

"As Simon Sinek would say, it starts with 'why.' We have the option to do things as we have always done them, or we could pursue a higher destiny and be a better version of ourselves through space exploration.  It's my firm belief that reading The Cosma Hypothesis will help you more firmly ground your reasons for exploring space in the 'why,' and at a more planet-wide level. We all have our own reasons for being interested in space exploration, but Cosma will help you understand those within our society and the world as a whole.  As a world-renowned space philosopher and author of the now cult classic The Overview Effect, Frank takes his thinking to the next level about what this all means. 

"With the rise of the commercialization of space, it's important that we think consciously about why we do this, so we can better inform our 'how,' and Frank helps us do just that in The Cosma Hypothesis." 

---Sean McClinton

Sean is the founder and organizer of the Space Entrepreneurs network in Seattle, WA, a network designed to help people accelerate their careers in space.  He also founded the company SpaceToTravel, a space-related travel services company designed to help people get more out of their travel lives, using space. You can follow him at @sean_mcclinton.