Rick Tumlinson on The Cosma Hypothesis: Implications of the Overview Effect

February 27, 2019 at 12:30 pm by Frank White

Rick and I go way back, to the early days of the space movement and meetings at Gerard K. O'Neill's Space Studies Institute. We are both committed to developing a new philosophy of space exploration and have been working with Dylan Taylor on developing the 2211.world website, which is dedicated to that task (Dylan is also publishing Cosma). Most recently, Rick has founded SpaceFund, an initiative to "tokenize space."

I asked Rick to review Cosma and write something about the book. He did, and I had planned to tweet out a portion of it, but decided that it would not do justice to his comments.

So here is what he said, as well as some details about Rick's current work:

In today’s world, everything is seen through narrow lenses. Left, right, class, gender, race, nation—forcing us to focus not on who we are but who we are not. In Cosma, Frank White blows past all of this. In fact, he shatters all lenses, tears down the walls, blows the roof off, and throws us out into the universe. And then, from the same vantage point of the astronauts from whom he derived the Overview Effect, floating in the infinite stillness of space, he contemplates the ultimate question of our role in that universe. His answer is both awesome and inspiring, and were it to become the driving force in our culture would change everything, by bringing us all together—for as Frank makes clear—we Are the Universe.

Rick Tumlinson is a writer, speaker, and one of the creators of the space revolution that has the goal of settling the Solar System. He recently started SpaceFund, the world’s first tokenized venture capital fund for space. You can follow him @RocketRick.

Thanks, Rick!

(The Cosma Hypothesis is available on Kindle and Audible now and the print version is available for pre-order, with a March 12 publication date, on Amazon.com)

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