The Overview Effect for Children

October 04, 2017 at 11:06 am by Frank White

I wanted to let everyone know about this project, which is being created by Hidde Hoogcarspel in the Netherlands. If you are interested in supporting this work, please get in touch with Hidde at

This is his description of the project:

Space Project

This project is an initiative together with André Kuipers . Wubbo Ockels In his last words, he has shown the core of what we want to achieve very well:

This concept is called 'overview effect' and causes astronauts to fundamentally change their worldview. The term and concept were coined in 1987 by Frank White, who explored the theme in his book The Overview Effect. Research has shown that their mindset has changed significantly since their return to the Earth, with consequent consequences for their attitude and behavior.

The idea is to convey this 'overview effect' to children by actually launching them through virtual and augmented reality so that they can see the planet from space. This creates a generation that has a fundamentally different look and feel to our planet and is capable of being in her splendor for the coming ages.

The reason we want this is that one of the biggest challenges we face regarding our planet is not the development or deployment of the latest technology. We have never been so knowledgeable and innovative. The biggest challenge is whether we are able to fundamentally change our mindset, attitude and behavior. This has proved to be one of the most rebellious things.

Our approach is therefore complementary to initiatives such as the Plastic Soup. They focus on the use of the latest technology to restore what caused man. We have the ambition to reduce the causative behavior of people by constantly changing their mindset. One of the world's most inspiring experiences is the basis for this.

Latest VR / AR technology combined with an education program

Multi-media agency Media Monks develops the Overview effect experience. They specialize in virtual and augmented reality productions. To make it practical and achievable for all children, we create a spaceship / rocket on a durable truck / trailer with moveable chairs and the latest 3D virtual reality headsets. This rocket goes free along the schools, with an education program developed (training, experience, feedback) to ensure that the impact is as high as possible and lasting.

Millions of children worldwide

After consultation with schools and education experts, we have chosen children in group 7 (age range 10 to 11 years) because scientific research shows that children of this age start to think about this type of business.

The concept is developed that it is relatively easy to roll out country for country. The concept will be open source and available free of charge. André will give a presentation to his colleague astronauts at the annual meeting of astronauts this year in France. He will therefore call on other astronauts to embark locally as ambassadors.


Our concrete goal is to fully develop and fund one project in the Netherlands (required: EUR 800,000). However, the concept is open source and will be made available for free so that it can be rolled out worldwide. 

The 'overview effect' foundation will be established as ANBI status (Public Benefit Organisation), making donations deductible.

On November 11th we will officially present the entire project in the Ziggo Dome at the multimedia show of Andre Kuipers. We would like to make an appointment with anyone who is interested to further explain the project.

What makes this project different? 

Numerous global initiatives focus on implementing the latest technology and science to restore the effects of human behavior. The Plastic Soup Project cleans up oceans, polluted by our own human actions. The WWF and the likes focuses on restoring rainforest and protection of animals, destroyed by human populations. 

Our project has a different angle: we have the ambition to create a fundamental shift in mindset, attitude and behavior by using one of history’s most impactful experiences: the overview effect. Therefor helping millions of children worldwide to find a different angle, mindset and attitude in living and keeping our small, little but very precious planet. 

Our partners

We are very happy and proud that we found Andre Kuipers and Bas Beerens to stand behind our initiative. Both are examples of persons being personally inspired by their dreams that seemed unreachable. One was the dream of becoming one of the world's 550 astronauts, the other creating a tool used in every country of the world. Both persons are also known for their profound knowledge and expertise in inspiring people to change their view and behaviour in the world we live in. 

Helen Kuipers, André's wife, and Zoran van Gessel (founder Bencis) made themselves available to the board of the foundation. Bas Beerens (founder of Wetransfer) has embraced the project and, for the time being, together with André is the Committee of Recommendation. Both for the Board and for the Recommendation Committee we are looking for further details and coordination with sponsors and stakeholders.