Points of View and the Overview

September 21, 2010 at 4:11 am by Frank White

As I look at the political debate going on in the United States, I realize that each side is coming from a "point of view," and no one has an Overview. This is especially pertinent to me right now, because I am working on a piece of fiction called Points of View. We often say that when the Earth is viewed from orbit or the moon, there are no borders or boundaries. That's is true, but there are also no "sides." There is just a sphere in which everything is part of a single whole system.

One of the outcomes of the Overview Effect ought to be an emphasis on systems thinking, because that is the only effective way to view problems and challenges on the Earth. If it is a whole system, then we should be able to model the potential outcomes of different policy proposals. Instead, we argue about what will work from an ideological perspective.

We need for more people to have an Overview.